The Entrepreneurship Mindset Course

Stephen Ogweno
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PRACTICAL SKILLS FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS: THE ENTREPRENEURS MINDSET is a short course aimed at beginner entrepreneurs that aims at teaching them practical skills to master the entrepreneurship mindset. This course focuses on the mindset component of entrepreneurship especially when an individual has an idea that they want to transform into a business or a venture.

  • What You Will Learn:

In this course you will sharpen 1 key skill per lesson as shown below:

  1. Getting Ready For Success – the farmers mindset – broad business overview
  2. Wake Up – deconstructing and reconstructing perspectives – making conscious aware decisions to your success
  3. Set A Morning Routine – success is about habits – success in business starts with a success in self-management and operation
  4. Wash Your Face – the mindset to refresh - leaving past business failures, refreshing, and looking at the future with hope
  5. Set A Goal – business essentials – to start you need clearly defined goals and targets
  6. Stop Wasting Time – time management for business
  7. Stop Procrastinating Your Dream, Do It Anyway – remove self-doubt from your business idea
  8. No Resources? Be Resourceful! – upskill your abilities and have better skills for your business
  9. Start On A High – don’t start a business with doubt, when you start, jump all in.
  • Why You Should Take This Class:

This course follows a very unique approach in that the author teaches from his own real life personal experiences in a witty , fun and exciting story telling format that ensures the learners have a clear background to the critical lessons and practical skills offered in this course. The course provides skills that are important in guiding you as an entrepreneur on building the right mindset anchored on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship before you actually start your venture. Remember, the book is Think and Grow Rich not do and grow rich, emphasizing on the importance of mindset before skill set. Ultimately mindsets is the most important component of any business or venture as it will help you go through the various stages of business growth and development including challenges, failures and success.

  • Who This Class is For:

This course has been primarily developed for first-time entrepreneurs who want to go begin with the end in mind, who want to develop a strong mindset and develop critical entrepreneurial skills that will serve them over the long term. Ultimately, this course is for everyone who is interested in learning about the entrepreneur’s mindset and improving their outlook in business and entrepreneurship.

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This program is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into tangible and structured business plans. Through the program, participants will gain an understanding of the mindset required for entrepreneurial success and develop practical skills to sharpen their own mindset. The program will include a self-reflective exercise to aid in the development of the entrepreneurial mindset, enabling participants to fully understand and apply the principles they learn throughout the program to turn their ideas into successful business ventures.


The Entrepreneurship Mindset Course

0 ratings
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