The Art Of Getting Started In Entrepreneurship Course.

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The Art Of Getting Started In Entrepreneurship Course.

Stephen Ogweno
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This concise, curated course called "The art of getting started in entrepreneurship" aids entrepreneurs in launching their enterprises and businesses correctly. People who aspire to be leaders and entrepreneurs frequently believe that beginning a business begins with selling or operating it, and as a result, these entrepreneurs 9 out of 10 times fail in the short term. Why is this? And the reason is that they haven't mastered the basic but seemingly secret skills of getting started. In this course, this art is taught.

This course is the second course in the Practical Skills For Entrepreneurial Success course series coming off of the best seller book by Ogweno Stephen called Practical Skills For Entrepreneurial Success.

In this course you will learn the following:

· Lesson 1 Course 2 Where Are You Now

· Lesson 2 Habits And Routines

· Lesson 3 Unleash Your Creative Confidence

· Lesson 4 Carry Your Own Weather

· Lesson 5 Don’t Compete, Dominate

· Lesson 6 Mentors And Role Model

· Lesson 7 The Law Of The Deserving

· Lesson 8 The Art Of Getting Started

· Lesson 9 Social Media For Growth

Ultimately this course will help you have a deep understanding of the art of starting and more than that offer you practical step by step action to take to start your venture the right way.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs curious about learning how to get started again
  • Leaders and change makers
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This program is designed to help first-time entrepreneurs navigate the journey of starting a business. It aims to provide practical skills, identify the fundamentals of starting a venture and avoid common pitfalls, and offer specific steps to take when launching a business. This program is tailored to help individuals understand the process of starting a venture, and provide them with the knowledge and practical skills they need to take the first steps on their entrepreneurial journey.

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